Mr. Mark Steiner will fill Mr. Kim’s position as calculus and algebra II teacher for the second semester. Mr. Steiner taught these classes faithfully for fourteen years on the ALA campus. Coaches Bode and Heyn will lead the soccer team for the second half of the season. Both have soccer coaching experience.


Jennifer Taylor (ALA 1998) and her husband Sean John have moved in to our campus house and are ready to greet the eight boys who will be under their care on weekdays during the second semester. Both have full-time jobs, and Jenni works from home, which is a great blessing in their role as house parents.


Thanks to Pastor Lyle (Duke) Sonntag for his many years of faithful and safe driving providing transportation to and from the East Valley schools every day. In total he logged about 250,000 miles. While he will continue to serve ALA in other capacities, he hung up his keys for the final time on December 20.

John Mueller will continue to drive, and Paul Haag fills in as needed, but joining our team of drivers are Janell Weir and Michael Henderson.