Hosting Opportunities

Arizona Lutheran Academy offers a homestay program for its international students. This is one of our student’s favorite parts of the international program at ALA!

Staying with a host family gives students a complete immersion into American culture and daily opportunities to practice English skills outside of the school setting.

Our ALA host families provide:

  • A safe, loving, caring family environment.
  • Daily opportunities to practice English and experience American culture.
  • A comfortable bedroom furnished with bed, bedding, closet and dresser.
  • A quiet place to study with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Shared spaces in the home for relaxation and socialization.
  • Three meals a day, as well as snacks.
  • Transportation to and from school for all school events, as well as transportation for shopping and social activities.

All international students in our program stay with families who are known personally by the ALA administration. We only place our students with families that we know personally! To ensure the excellence of the homestay program, Arizona Lutheran Academy visits all host family homes in addition to requiring a thorough application and background check.

International students may also arrange to live with relatives if they live near to Arizona Lutheran Academy. In this case, the student’s family is responsible for all living arrangements, student care, and transportation to and from school.

If you would like more information, please contact Lynnette Stahmann at

“We have been blessed to host two students from China, two from South Korea, two from Taiwan, one from Spain, one from Italy, and one from France. We have enjoyed learning about their cultures, enjoying their food, and having them experience the traditions of the United States. Each student has taken a piece of our hearts with them!” – ALA Host Family

Questions about Homestay

Our admissions team is happy to answer your questions about the homestay program at ALA. Email with your question or to schedule a online video meeting.

“We have hosted international students for a few years now and it has been a pleasure. We truly enjoy the opportunity to welcome these kids into our home and become part of our family. Being exposed to other cultures, while sharing our own, is a benefit to all. We would recommend hosting to any families that have it in their hearts.”  Paul

ALA Internationals Office

Lynnette Stahmann, International Program Coordinator