A Building Committee has been meeting since August to begin the process of expanding onto the land purchased in the Gaining Ground campaign in 2015. The committee is composed of a wide range of expertise and interest in the ministry of ALA. Members of the committee include the following:

  • Sarah Cunningham
  • Chris Gannon
  • James Mueller
  • Peter Nimmer
  • Christine Olson
  • Jim Olson
  • Rochelle Peltzer
  • Eric Peterson
  • Josh Wendt
  • Kevin Wenzel
  • Sarah Zembruski
  • Michelle Meyer
  • Dave Peter
  • Adam Wiechmann
  • Kurt Rosenbaum, Chairman

Driven by our significant increase in enrollment, the Board of Directors has designated as Phase I of our expansion the construction of a new classroom building and a second gym with related athletic components.

At this point, the Committee has accomplished the following:

  • Contracted with a surveyor (Hess-Rountree) to complete topographical and ALTA surveys as well as to combine legally our new parcel of land with the rest of the campus to create a single entity in the eyes of Maricopa County
  • Interviewed and contracted with a design firm (BWS/MOR Studios) to take us through the Master Planning portion of Phase I. Meetings with the architect will begin in earnest in January.
  • Nearing the selection of an Owner’s Rep to guide us through the overall process
  • Answered some basic questions about needs and uses that will inform the architectural design process

Concurrently with that process, a Capital Campaign Feasibility Study has been ongoing, led by BWF. Interviews with various stakeholders and an in-depth analysis of our communities have been done, and we are awaiting a report from BWF in the coming weeks.