Time has sure flown by so it’s time to get together and celebrate!

All who attended and/or graduated Arizona Lutheran Academy from 1979 through 1985 are invited to a reunion.

Learn more in the Facebook event.

The homecoming/reunion activities will begin on Friday, October 6 and will conclude on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

We have put together a tentative schedule along with a quick survey:

Planning Survey

We are hoping for a great turnout and look forward to a spectacular class reunion. Please mark your calendars and start making plans today and to join us all in celebrating our time together.

You can expect us to contact you periodically with updates about our progress. In the mean time, watch for emails, posts in the ALA Alumni Facebook Page, and updates on this page.

Committee Chairs:
Patty (Smith) Martinez (pmartinez0012011@hotmail.com)
Cindy (Riba) Harry
Laura (Hofmeister) Muenchow (gardnerseven@gmail.com)