Admissions FAQ
Q. What is the mission of Arizona Lutheran Academy? 

A. ALA is committed to providing an exceptional high school education, preserving a Christ-focused school culture, promoting spiritual growth and Christian service, and preparing life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.


Q. What is the history of Arizona Lutheran Academy? 

A. In 1978 we opened our doors. Our present 19-acre campus has been ALA’s home since 1986. At that time, we were surrounded by farmland and cotton fields. Now, two decades later, we are surrounded by neighborhoods. Throughout our history, we have been blessed with students from the surrounding community as well as from all over the Valley, the state of Arizona...and beyond!

Q. Do students need to be Lutheran to attend ALA?
A. No, you do not have to be Lutheran.  However, all students are required to take religion class each year, the basis of which is conservative Lutheran doctrine.  We require all students, regardless of religous background, to be willing learners to what the Bible has to say for their lives.



Q.  Are there accommodations for students who live outside of the Phoenix area? 

A.  Yes, our out-of-town students live with a housing family in the Valley and often go home on the weekends. For this reason we start school at 9:00 a.m. on Mondays or any first day back from a break so that families can have some extra time to drive their son/daughter to ALA on Monday morning. 


Q. What is the enrollment? 

A.  We have about 185 students in grades 9-12. We are large enough to be able to offer a diverse range of curricular options and activities. We are small enough to know our students by name and offer a sense of community and family. 



Q. Does ALA have a transportation system? 

A. We have buses that stop at several of our elementary schools in the Phoenix area. Students purchase bus tickets in the school office. The buses stop at the following locations: 

Pilgrim Lutheran School, 3257 E. University Dr., Mesa    
Emmanuel Lutheran School, 715 W. Southern Ave., Tempe
Grace Lutheran School, 5600 W. Palmaire Ave., Glendale                                   
Emmaus Lutheran School, 3841 W. Sweetwater Ave., Phoenix  

Q. What is the tuition and is there financial assistance available? 

A. Please call for the current tuition rates so we can also share information on the significant financial aid available from various programs. The greatest source of financial aid comes from the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program. When you call we can share other financial aid options that are available. 


Q. What is the student to teacher ratio? 

A. While many schools recently are struggling over-crowded classrooms, ALA maintains a 13:1 student to teacher ratio.  


Q. How do ALA graduates perform academically? 

A. Our students have done exceptionally well. Our students consistently perform above average on the ACT and SAT tests. Approximately 95% of our graduates continue on to college and the majority of our seniors receive merit scholarships to colleges and universities.  


Q. Are there opportunities for parents to get involved in their student’s progress? 

A. Our parents and students can keep up with test scores and current grades in each class by accessing Edline from any computer. Other school news and events are posted, as well as many assignments and messages from teachers. Each teacher also has a phone mailbox and email. Our goal is to keep regular contact with parents concerning student progress. 


Q. Is ALA an accredited school? 

A. ALA is fully accredited by the North Central Association (NCA). We continue to implement our School Improvement Plan annually. Please speak with our principal for more information. 


Q. Is ALA a closed campus? 

A. Yes, we have a gated and closed campus.  



Q. Does ALA have a dress code? 

A. Yes. The dress code is outlined in the current Parent/Student Handbook which is available upon request. While we do not have required uniforms, the clothing that our students wear while on campus and at any school-related activity is required to be neat, modest, and consistent with our dress code. 

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